• Terms and Conditions of Certification

Terms and Conditions of Certification

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Last updated 23 August 2018 

Issue 16



CCAS follow the criteria specified in the ISO/IEC 17021 for a Certification Body recognised as competent and reliable in the operation of Management Systems Standards & ISO/IEC 17065 for security product certification. 
This Agreement shall be governed by English Law.


These Terms and conditions apply to all CCAS registered firms that have confirmed acceptance of these Terms & Conditions as part of their condition of approval to either ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001, Product Security Certification and the CCAS Pasport Scheme for security companies.

Each applicant must agree to supply all necessary information as determined by CCAS to fullfill the criteria of either ISO/IEC 17021 & or ISO/IEC 17065 Certification Body Standards.

2.1.1 Consultancy Services

As a UKAS accredited assessment body CCAS does not offer/provide consultancy services.

As an example, the following OH&SMS activities would be considered to be, but are not limited to, consultancy services: 

i) performing the role of Occupational Health and Safety coordinator,

ii) safety reporting,

iii) performing risk assessments,

iv) performing Occupational Health and Safety inspections and internal audits,

v) communication with regulatory authorities on behalf of the client,

vi) assistance in developing an organisation's Occupational Health and Safety Management System, and

vii) accident and incident investigation.


For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions:
Applicant means an individual, body corporate or body unincorporated applying for a Certificate of Registration.
Assessment means a verification of the effectiveness of the relevant Management System operated by an Applicant through the examination of materials, finished product, methods of test, records, systems, environmental and other activities established by the Applicant within its Management System.
Technical Committee means the committee appointed to establish and monitor the performance of the CCAS certification scheme and make recommendations for improvement as necessary.

Certificate of Registration means a document issued by CCAS in recognition that the management system operated by the Applicant meets the requirements of the applicable Standard and these Terms and Conditions.

Client means applicant or registered company as appropriate.
Product means the goods/products or services provided by a client.
Certification of a Management System means independent demonstration that the management system of the organisation

a) Conforms to specified requirements

b) Is capable of consistently achieving its stated policy and objectives, and

c) Is effectively implemented.

Registered Company means an individual, body corporate or body unincorporated which has been granted a Certificate of Registration.
Scope of Registration means the range of products, services, activities covered by the management system of a registered company specified on the Certificate of Registration.
Standard means the Standards or other requirements for which the applicant organisation is seeking certification.

Observer means person who accompanies the audit team but does not act as an auditor.  An observer can be a member of the auditee, a regulator UKAS) or other interested party.  In addition a technical expert may accompany an auditor but does not act as an auditor in the audit team unless qualified to do so.


It is a condition of clients applying for and maintaining certification that, when required by CCAS or by a regulatory body e.g. The SIA, they make provision and accommodate the presence of observers etc. when required to do so.

4.1.1 Rotation of Assessors

To maintain impartiality, it is a condition of the CCAS Passport Scheme and ACS Standard Route Scheme that applicants/ registered companies allow CCAS to rotate its assessors at least once in a three year period.


On receipt of an enquiry for certification from an applicant, a review of the information provided is undertaken by the CCAS Sales Team to determine the number of assessment days and associated costs required to carry out the initial certification and ongoing registration costs. A quotation is then produced and issued to the applicant which includes the number of assessment days and costs of certification. To confirm acceptance of the quotation, the applicant is required to sign the "contract acceptance" section of the "quotation proposal" and submit it to CCAS together with payment for the Stage 1 Planning Visit. Arrangements are then made by the CCAS Planning Department, with the applicant, for the Stage 1 assessment to take place.  The balance of certification/registration costs i.e. Stage 2 Initial Assessment, should be made at least 7 days prior to the commencement of the date of the assessment.