• Terms and Conditions of Certification

Terms and Conditions of Certification


For all assessments clients are required to make all necessary arrangements for the conduct of the audit, including access to, all processes and areas within the organisation, records and personnel for the purpose of CCAS having the ability to undertake each assessment effectively.  This policy also applies to follow up audits following a complaint received from an interested party e.g. about the products/services provided by the certified organisation.

The first stage of the assessment process carried out by CCAS is to review the client's documentation and readiness for the Stage 2 assessment. Applicant companies agree to provide CCAS with access to documents, areas and records for conducting assessments.
For all applicant companies that dio not hold registration approval, a Stage 1 Planning/Readiness Visit is carried out at the client's premises to review the adequacy of the documented management system and status of implementation. On completion of the Stage 1 visit the audit findings shall be documented and communicated to the client, including identification of any areas of concern that could be classified as a non-conformity during the Stage 2 audit.
The Stage 2 assessment is carried out at the aplicant premises against the requirements of the appropriate standard/s and the client's documented management system, the assessment process includes an audit of relevant processes, records, interviews with senior management and relevant staff members and audit of working practices in accordance with the agreed scope of assessment.

On completion of the Stage 2 assessment the Lead Auditor issues a report to CCAS Head Office along with a recommendation form for approval which will be submitted for impartial independent review. If certification is granted, the client is included on the CCAS directory of certified clients, which is available to the public via the CCAS website. NB: the Directory remains the sole property of CCAS.
Each Certificate of Registration defines the Scope of Registration.
The Certificate of Registration is personal to the Company who must not give permission for it to be used by a third party.
Registration is on an annual basis subject to continued compliance with the Standard following a successful annual surveillance visit. Certificates remain the property of CCAS Ltd.
Certificates of registration shall not be issued unless Chamber Certification Assessment Services Ltd has received payment in full.

Certified clients must inform CCAS without delay of matters that may affect the capability of the management system ie legal or commercial organisation status or ownership, contact address and sites, scope including expanding or reducing the scope of certification etc.

Notification of changes requiring a reissue of registration certificates other than for initial or reassessments will attract a nominal administration charge. See section 19 Fees.

After the issue of a certificate a pre-arranged surveillance visit will be carried out at the client's premises. If areas of concern are identified that may require a revisit as recommended by the Lead Auditor the management would review the report/recommendation and if in agreement with it, the client agrees to meet the extra cost relating to any additional assessments required.

A re-certification audit is conducted to evaluate the continued fulfilment of all of the requirements of the relevant management system standard every three years to confirm contiued conformity and effectiveness of the management system as a whole and its continued relevance and applicability for the scope of certification. A review of the company's performance during the preceding three year period is also undertaken.

Once a certificate has been issued then the Company has the right to publish the fact and to apply the relevant certification marks to their stationery and promotional material relating only to their assessed scope of registration.

The conditions for the use of the CCAS Certification mark are set out in document CCAS024.
CCAS clients/registered companies agree not to use granted certification in such a manner as to bring CCAS into disrepute. 

CCAS will take all reasonable precautions to ensure that there is no misuse of their certificate in client advertising etc. The client undertakes only to use certification marks and/or accreditation marks as appropriate to their assessed scope of registration e.g. only the assessed location/s and/or applicable management system standard can be promoted/advertised as being approved/certificated.