• Terms and Conditions of Certification

Terms and Conditions of Certification

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See also the section on Appeals Procedures.
Following an unsuccessful assessment of a company's management system to the relevant standard, the certificate of registration may be refused, suspended or withdrawn as follows:
(i) As a result of continued misuse of Registered Company Certification Marks.
(ii) Failure to apply corrective action as a result of non-conformances found at an assessment within the relevant timescale.
(iii) Any other breach of CCAS's Certification Terms and Conditions.
It is also a policy of CCAS to notify the local Trading Standards Office of any client withdrawn from registration.

Client certification can be restored if all issues including nonconformities have been cleared satisfactorily and recommendation for restoring certification is made by the certification decision making team.


Clients wishing to cancel/withdraw from registration must notify CCAS of their intention to do so within 2 months of the annual surveillance visit. Upon the cancellation of the Certificate (however determined) the Company shall forthwith discontinue the use of the CCAS certification marks and all advertising literature that contains the CCAS marks or any reference thereto. In addition, any other material or documents in the possession of the Company, which bear reference to the Certificate, shall be eradicated.


Special / revisit audits for ISO/ACS Passport assessments may be required to close out major nonconformities / improvement needs.

In addition, if a complaint is made about a certified client, or we have received notification of any changes (See Section 7), we reserve the right to undertake a special / revisit audit to investigate whether the company is still meeting the requirements of the appropriate standard they are approved to. Such visits are chargeable - (See Section 19).

Independently from the involvement of the competent regulatory authority, a special / revisit audit may be necessary in the event that CCAS becomes aware that there has been a serious incident related to occupational health and safety, for example, a serious accident, or a serious breach of regulation, in order to investigate if the management system has not been compromised and did function effectively. CCAS shall document the outcome of its investigation.

Information on incidents such as a serious accident, or a serious breach of regulation necessitating the involvement of the competent regulatory authority, provided by the certified client or directly gathered by the audit team during the special / revisit audit, shall provide grounds for CCAS to decide on the actions to be taken, including a suspension or withdrawal of the certification, in cases where it can be demonstrated that the system seriously failed to meet the OH&S certification requirements.


If a organisation or individual wishes to complain about the services provided by CCAS, in the first instance the complainant should submit the nature of the complaint in writing to the Chief Executive of CCAS - email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Complaints made about certified clients of CCAS will be dealt with in the same manner in accordance with our Complaints Handling Procedure and must be made in writing to the Chief Executive at CCAS - email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

A copy of the full complaints handling process (OP10) can be made available upon request.


CCAS certificated companies are required to record all complaints received from applicants, registered clients and interested parties. When the complaint applies to a CCAS certified customer, evidence of prompt effective corrective action being carried out by the certificate holder shall be required within set timescales. Evidence of action taken will be examined at the next scheduled  CCAS surveillance audit unless it is determined that a follow up visit is deemened necessay to effectiveley close out the complaint. In the event of an alleged breach of relevant legislative or regulatory requirement the CCAS client/registered company must inform CCAS as soon as possible.


If a client wishes to appeal against any decision for whatever reason including suspension or withdrawal of a certificate, the client is at liberty to lodge an appeal with the Chief Executive of CCAS within 14 days of having been served with the decision.
The Technical Committee will review the Appeal and will meet within 30 days of receipt of the appeal notice. The original decision shall remain in force pending the decision of the Panel.
The decision of the panel is final and binding on both the client and CCAS. No counter claims will be allowed by either party.
No costs, for whatever reason, will be allowed for either party as a result of an appeal.