Bespoke In House Training Courses

Courses which are specifically tailored to your company’s industry and day to day practices, provides a unique and enhanced learning experience for attendees, while significantly reducing costs and time.


  • Dates, times and locations which suit you
  • Experience conducting live audits on your own company departments
  • Use your own documentation i.e. procedures, internal audit forms
  • Cost saving i.e. no additional travel and hotel costs
  • Flexible training hours
  • Provides a great opportunity for improving staff engagement, commitment and team building.

Courses carried out at your company premises or at suitable locations near you, are a great way to train staff in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 while keeping the conversation solely about the industry which you work in and understand.

Along with significantly reducing costs, learning can be accelerated by using your company’s own documentation. This can further train attendees in company processes, procedures and with completing company documentation i.e. internal audit report forms, something which they could later be tasked with.

For further information regarding bespoke in house training courses, please contact Jonathan on 01543 509533 ext. 4 or email

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