• SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS)

SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS)

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CCAS is delighted to announce that with effect from the 1st April 2017, the Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved CCAS as one of only two certification bodies to carry out assessments to either the ACS Standard Route or ACS Passport Scheme.

CCAS has assessed in excess of 200 security firms to the Approved Contractor Scheme since it was first launched in February 2006.

The SIA Approved Contractor Scheme is based upon widely recognised business improvement models: ISO 9001 and the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model™. The Scheme also references the British Standard codes of practice applicable to the private security industry and conformance to the relevant codes is built into the ACS requirements.

The two routes to approval, either the Standard Route or the CCAS Passport Route are each designed to meet the same challenging requirements. 

CCAS two routes to approval are as follows:



To achieve the ACS standard, each applicant need to meet the requirements of the ACS standard which consists of 9 main headings beginning with Criterion 1 - Strategy through to Criterion 9 - Results.

Please see below the main headings of the ACS Standard.


 .....  Criterion ACS Standard 
 Strategy An SIA Approved Contractor has clear strategic direction enabling it to  deliver  value to all stakeholders. 
2  Processes An SIA Approved Contractor has robust processes in place that ensure    service delivery to its customers and stakeholders. 
3  Commercial  Relationship  Management An SIA Approved Contractor promotes robust and transparent commercial  relationships with its customers, consumers and suppliers founded on mutual  trust and respect. 
4  Financial  Management An SIA Approved Contractor is financially viable with sufficient resources to  meet its current and future obligations. 
5  Resources An SIA Approved Contractor has sufficient technical resources to sustain its  business, meeting the relevant industry standards. 
6  People An SIA Approved Contractor develops and implements plans to ensure its  people are suitably trained, developed and cared for. 
7  Leadership An SIA Approved Contractor has effective leadership. 
8  Corporate Social  Responsibility An SIA Approved Contractor recognises and acts on its corporate social  responsibility.
9  Results An SIA Approved Contractor measures, understands and improves its  achievements in relation to all stakeholders and adopts a continual  improvement policy. 



CCAS Passport Scheme Logo


To qualify to be assessed under the CCAS Passport Scheme it is a requirement for applicants to be in possession of approval to at least one of the following recognised standards: 

The Security product scheme relevant British Codes of Practice e.g. BS7499 (UKAS Accredited)

  1. ISO 9001(UKAS Accredited)
  2. The EFQM standard

  3. The Security British Standard Codes of Practice e.g. BS7499
  4. Other recognised relevant standards will be considered. 

In addition, applicants will need to meet CCAS due diligence checks prior to being assessed.

The purpose of the CCAS passport scheme is to reduce time and money for security firms that hold multiple approvals whereby combined assessments are undertaken to the requirements of the ACS standard along with other recognised standards at the same time such as ISO 9001.

By carrying out assesssments in this manner this reduces the burden of multiple assessments, duplication of work and eliminates unnecessary additional site visits. This in turn saves time and money for security companies that hold multiple standards. 

To receive a formal quotation, in the first instance please provide a copy of your current registration certificate for one of the standards listed above and a copy of your last assessment report.

Our services extend from the South of England, Wales and the North of Scotland.

Please note that by achieving the passport scheme with CCAS does not automatically guarantee certification to the Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) as ultimately the final decision is determined by the SIA.  



To find out more about how to become an Approved Contractor, please click on the following link which takes you to the official SIA ACS application guidance document - https://www.sia.homeoffice.gov.uk/Documents/acs/sia_acs_how_to.pdf.

For security companies wishing to receive a formal, competitive quotation, please complete our free, no obligation quotation form or for further information please contact Tony Brachmanski on 01543 509533.