• CCAS Passport Scheme Approval

CCAS Passport Scheme Approval

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CCAS Accred Passport SchemeThe purpose of the CCAS Passport Scheme is to reduce time and money for security firms that hold multiple approvals whereby combined assessments are undertaken collectively to the requirements of recognised standards such as ISO 9001, Security screening of individuals employed in a security environment to BS 7858, the Product Certification Standard for Security Firms etc.

The CCAS Passport scheme requirements exceed the requirements of the ACS standard and the assessment process is carried out in a cost effective efficient way.

By achieving the CCAS Passport Scheme, successfully assessed security firms will gain the following awards:

  1. Passport (UKAS Accredited) product certification,
  2. ISO 9001:2015 (UKAS Accredited) certification,
  3. Security Product Certification to BS7858 and the relevant security code of practice e.g. BS7499 (UKAS Accredited)
  4. The SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) Standard April 2019, version 2 (this award is issued and authorised by the SIA and is subject to the applicant security firm meeting the SIA's fit and proper due diligence checks.

Which Security Firms are eligible to seek approval? 

Most businesses that provide licensable individuals under a contract to supply security industry services in the United Kingdom will be eligible to gain ACS approval via the CCAS Passport Scheme. However, In house security providers are not eligible for the CCAS Passport Scheme as this activity is not licensable under the PSIA. 

To be eligible, you must: 

  • Be a business that supplies at least two licensable operatives, under a contract for security industry in each sectors for which they are applying,
  • Supply licensable individuals under a contract for security industry services. labour providers are not eligible to seek approval to the CCAS Passport Scheme,
  • Supply security industry services in the United Kingdom under a contract,
  • Hold at least one contract for the supply of security industry services,
  • Have been supplying security industry services for at least 12 months at the time of application. 

PrIor to the intial stage 1 assessment (if applicable), to qualify to be assessed to the CCAS Passport Scheme, in addition to the eligibility requirements listed above, it is a requirement for applicants to pass the CCAS due diligence criteria which includes:

  1. To have hold a satisfactory credit rating,
  2. To have no outstanding county court judgements,
  3. Appointed Directors not to have liquidated a company within the last 12 months etc.

Only when the applicant security company has met the CCAS due diligence criteria, can they proceed (dependent on their current status), to move forward to either stage 1 and or the Initial Stage 2 Assessment.

Please note! by achieving the passport scheme with CCAS, does not automatically guarantee certification to the Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) as ultimately the final decision is determined by the SIA.

Activities/sectors we are approved to certificate under the Passport Scheme: 

  • Door Supervision 
  • Key holding 
  • Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) 
  • Security Guarding. 

Assessment Criteria  

The assessment criteria for the Passport Scheme is ISO 9001:2015 Product Certification to the Security British Standard Codes of Practice ie BS 7858 and the relevant BS security codes of practice within the scope of assessment e.g. BS7499. SIA Regulator Principles CCAS Passport Scheme Specification Technical Note. The process for attaining approval to the CCAS Passport scheme can be found here.

By carrying out assessments in this manner this reduces the burden of multiple assessments, duplication of work and eliminates unnecessary additional site visits. This in turn saves time and money for security companies that hold multiple standards.


To find out more about the CCAS Passport Scheme Approval, please contact CCAS Office on 0845 504 6262.

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