• Requirements and National Accreditation Symbols for Certification Bodies and their Certified Client

Requirements and National Accreditation Symbols for Certification Bodies and their Certified Client


This document sets out the requirements for use of the national accreditation symbol in conjunction with the certification logo of Chamber Certification Assessment Services Ltd (CCAS); the contents of which have been taken from the publication produced by Department for Business Innovation & Skills entitled "The National Accreditation Logo and Symbols: Conditions for use by UKAS and UKAS accredited organisations" and have been adapted to cover the key elements for users of the certification mark.

Before using the certification mark, registered clients are requested to ensure that they comply with the following rules. If in any doubt please contact the CCAS office for further clarification.

1) The certification mark may only be used by registered clients of CCAS issued with an accredited certificate.

2) The company's scope of registration is detailed on the Certificate of Registration. The certificate also gives information regarding the company name and registration address. Any subsidiary companies and addresses not included on the certificate are not covered by registration.

3) The certification mark shall normally have a minimum height (excluding the accreditation number) of 20 mm. Any enlargement or reduction shall retain the same proportions as those of the masters reproduced in this publication. The mark and the accreditation number shall be considered as a single entity for purposes of enlargement or reduction.

4) In exceptional circumstances, which are usually dictated by reasons of space limitation or cost, the national accreditation symbols may be reproduced at a reduced height, but irrespective of the height of the reproduction must be legible, with no infilling.

5) The national accreditation logo (crown & tick) must always be used in conjunction with the CCAS certification mark.

6) The accreditation mark as illustrated below may be printed in black and white or alternatively in a single colour, which should be the predominant ink colour of the document, or, in the case of a pre-printed letterhead, the predominant ink colour of the letterhead.

7) The certification mark may only be used in correspondence, advertising and promotional material, which relates to the company's scope of registration. Please contact CCAS prior to printing if there is any doubt regarding the intended use.

8) Marks other than the Testing and Calibration marks may not be used on test calibration reports and certificates, respectively.

9) The national accreditation symbols shall not be used in any way that might mislead the reader about the state of an accredited organisation or imply in such a manner that certification applies to activities that are outside the scope of certification.

10) In all cases, the registration number issued on your certificate of approval must be quoted directly underneath the certification mark, together with the scope of approval for which registration has been granted if other services are offered for which certification has not been granted.

See example below:

CCAS REGISTERED 9001 certificateCCAS REGISTERED 14001 certificate

                         2013/000                                                2013/000

The provision of security guarding in accordance with BS7499 and BS7858.

Certified organisations using this mark on websites, may choose to link the certification mark to the CCAS website at www.ccas.org.uk where registration details can be verified by clients or potential new clients by using the Certificate Checker on the home page.

11) Certified clients MUST NOT use certification mark material:

for locations and services not listed on the certificate on products, packaging and/or promotional products used on vehicles and flags under any circumstances on notices/sign displayed on the outside of buildings.

12) CCAS Auditors shall check the use marks at surveillance visit and the Certified Company must discontinue any use of the mark, which is unacceptable to CCAS.

13) Contravention of these conditions could result in withdrawal of the company's certificate.

14) Upon suspension/termination of certification approval with CCAS for whatever reason, the Certificated Company must discontinue the use of the certification marks immediately, ensuring all stocks of material on which it appears are removed/covered up and this also applies to the use of the certification mark on websites.

Note! If this document is printed it is not formally controlled, for the latest version reference needs to be made to the master list of forms held on the CCAS computer system.


Issue: 5

Date: 01 11 13
Authorised by: Directors